The Reason Behind the Passion

My Story

Ten years ago, my beautiful sister was getting married. She hired a professional videographer for her wedding in Temple City, California. The videographer had a very nice portfolio and a professional price tag too ($4000!). So she was set.

Come the day of her big day and a guy showed up with a consumer grade camcorder and a tripod and began to record. He stood there and pointed the camcorder whichever way my sister was, never moving his tripod. Needless to say, we were worried but what could we do? We had to put our trust in him.


6 months later, a DVD arrived — we were shocked. The editing was completely amateur at best; the work did not match his portfolio. The wedding was already done, the videographer was already paid. There was nothing my sister could do. I was furious.

For me, working as a video producer and editor full time, I knew I can do better. So I did. I got a few of my professional camera operator friends together and we started to make wedding videos for our friends. We got better and better at it and decided that we'd dedicate our time and efforts into making beautiful wedding videos! And most importantly, we were not going to rip people off!


So at Noble Visual, our work speaks for us and our previous clients speak for us. And our pricing is definitely the best in this range. You will not regret your decision.​

- Andy Chen

Preserving Memories

The behind the scenes, the morning of, the first look, all these moments happening throughout the day, but there isn't enough time for you to experience everything fully. There's nothing we enjoy more than to help capture these memories you want to look back on.

Little Details

It's the little things that matter most — at least that's what some people may say. We know how much work is put into the planning: the colour schemes, the lace detail, the centrepieces, the reception and so much more. Let us help showcase these thoughtful pieces for you.


Capturing the Vision

We know how important the wedding day is. That is why we believe in the power of stills and videos. Through them, we get to relive our most precious memories. It is our promise to bring you works of art that'll last forever.


Meet the Team


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 10.49.16

As soon as Andy was old enough to hold a camera, he began taking photos and video. Coming from a background of music and arts, he has a creative mind that sees artistry in places other people may not. He currently works in the music video industry and believes that a beautiful partnership of audio, visual, and editing can bring back the emotions of your most important day - again and again.


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To David, storytelling is everything. Every couple has distinct and beautiful story, and he sets out to tell that story through video. People are unique, so every wedding video should be unique. At every wedding, he tries to capture the real emotions and genuine moments that make the day memorable, because it’s those moments that people look back on for years to come.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 10.47.33

Brook first found his love for photography in the landscapes and architecture of San Diego. For him, creativity in photography is limited only by your own ideas. Having shot landscapes, portraits, fashion, lifestyle, and weddings, he is versatile in skill but consistent in his goal: he is always looking for that single shot that fully captures the essence of a moment.



Mark is a highly motivated and collaborative filmmaker with extensive experience in storytelling. Having worked for many years in LA as an editor with work ranging from tv, film, and commercials, Mark is experienced in composing visually stimulating and engaging content. He knows that there is no single approach to telling a story so he seeks to tailor a unique and dazzling narrative for each couple.