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5 Things I NEED In My Pocket for Wedding Day Shoots

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

When the big day finally arrives, it is vital to be prepared for all of the lively and spontaneous moments to come. Make sure you are ready by carrying these necessities that will make a huge difference!

Lens Wipe

Nobody wants to look back at their pictures and videos after a long day of shooting and realize that the cleanliness of their lens compromised the quality of their shots. I always keep a lens wipe in my pocket to make sure that every picture, every video, every shot is as perfect as it can possibly be

Cell Phone

Besides the obvious reasons like communicating with my team and the wedding party, my phone acts as my own personal assistant. I’m always trying to be five steps ahead of the game so that I can be prepared for any unexpected circumstance.

Swiss Army Knife

You may be thinking: A swiss army knife? Are we going to a wedding or going on a hunt? My Swiss army knife is actually to ensure that every single detail, down to the very last thread, is picture perfect: a bouquet of flowers that needs to be trimmed to look just right in the bride’s hands or a loose thread on the groom’s otherwise sleek tuxedo.

A Penny

A lucky penny is a simple good luck charm that has been able to give people hope and happiness for ages. On a practical level, the penny helps me do a variety of tasks like turn camera plates. It’s also a boost. By keeping a penny in my pocket, I’m giving the bride and groom luck for their day, their marriage, and their lives.


Water works are bound to happen. As a wedding photographer, I have seen the most beaming smiles to the deepest tears of joy.I also have the tissue on hand in case of any spills or mishaps that could occur. With such a bustling atmosphere, a common mistake like a spilled drink or two is bound to happen.

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