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4 Simple Tips for Wedding Makeup for Photography

Whether you glam up or go for a natural glow on your big day, there are some tips that will ensure that your beauty translates onto the camera just as it does in person. Here are 4 tips that will make your makeup look flawless for all your wedding photos.

Primer is extremely important

Primer for makeup is important in general, but for the purposes of photography, it will make sure that your skin and makeup are as flawless as they can possibly be. This helps to reduce the need for photoshop after the fact.

Powder will save you!

Flash photography can be unflattering at times, and on a nerve-wracking, hectic but 100% worth it day like your wedding, you may be sweating a ton. Powder will make sure to lock in any oil and also help to give your skin a flawless finish.

Brighter blush and highlight will look even better in photos.

Don’t be scared to go a little brighter in blush than you usually do (without going overkill!). The blush will give a beautiful pop of color and the highlighter will define your face perfectly when the flash goes off.

Go for some lip liner

With such high quality photography, every little detail should be as close to perfect as possible. Lip liner will make sure that your lipstick application looks amazing while also helping to keep your lipstick on for your special day.

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