My 5 Favorite Wedding Location Types to Shoot

Some ideas, you can elaborate how you like. Somewhere simple, elegant and close to heart. Somewhere in nature/forest. Old big churches/cathedrals. Outdoor/beach. Winery.


Having a wedding with a scenic, natural background is one of the most organic and beautiful wedding backdrops that a person can have. Shooting in nature provides earthy tones which helps to give the perfect intimate shot.

Suggestion in Orange County: Skyforest Wedding Venue in Skyforest, CA


When looking for something classic and grand, a Cathedral is the perfect choice for a wedding High ceilings, artistic detailing, grand pillars and so much more create a picturesque wedding space.

Suggestion in Orange County: Crystal Cathedral in Orange, CA


A summer wedding on the beach is perfect for a couple looking for breezy weather, beautiful views of the ocean, and a more intimate setting for their special day. White sands, sunsets, and perfectly blue waters are a beautiful background for a happily married couple.

Suggestion in Southern California: Point Dume, Malibu, CA


Indoor and outdoor photo opportunities make a winery or vineyard a great choice for couples who want multiple locations for their photos and events. From the seemingly endless rows of vines to gorgeous estates, a vineyard is picture perfect.

Suggestion in Orange County: Hamilton Oaks Vineyard, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Somewhere close to the heart

The perfect wedding picture is a picture with meaning; Shooting in a location that has a special meaning for the couple (whether it be their first date location or a location passed down for generations), weddings at special locations like these are hard to replicate. Think about what is special to you and your special someone!

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